Technical Expertise

The foundation of a successful GIS is the Geo-Database. The Geo-Database is created by integrating tabular databases with geo-referenced data and spatial programming. We at Integrated GIS, Inc. possess both the industry experience and technical expertise to design, develop and implement a customized Geo-Database for our clients.

The most challenging obstacle facing the advancement of utilizing technology for improved decision making is the inability of all members of an organization to have access to archived information. Information residing at one location, or in many cases, multiple locations with no connectivity, is of limited use to individuals. Our technical team integrates the hardware, software, and networking applications and creates an information delivery system for our clients.

Our system does not require the user to have a deep understanding of computer technology. The level of complexity for using the system is the equivalent of using an e-mail application or using a Web Browser to view web sites. The system has been created to provide a very detailed and complex information system that is easily managed by the client and can be used by all personnel. Further, being an Internet application, all properties and data managed by the client can be accessed from any where in the world.