Developed Solutions - Agri-Business

Designed using Microsoft SQL Server this product is the core of our Agricultural Enterprise Solution. It allows the input and recording of information in all areas of the agri-business. Following are the components of the ABS:

  • Employees – All information concerning employees and their job function.
  • Equipment – Details of all equipment including fuel consumption, cost/acre or hour and maintenance records.
  • Chemicals/Fertilizer – All products that are used in the farming operation with their respective costs, post-harvest interval, re-entry periods, etc.
  • Field/Blocks – Information concerning each specific field/block in the operation including acreage and unique characteristics
  • Crop Information – Each crop or commodity grown in the operation with a detailed list of insect, disease and weed pests that pertain to the crop.
  • Chemical/Fertilizer Inventory – A real-time chemical/fertilizer inventory that can be based on the FIFO or LIFO price.
  • Work Order – All of the modules are integrated into a Work Order application. This captures all activities that occur in a block/field over time. Each activity is stored in the database for report generation or analysis at a later date.
  • Reports – Management reports may be constructed depending on what is required. Efficiency reports showing how much of what product or practice was expended in a block/field and a year-by-year analysis of company activities that would show improvement or decline.

This enterprise product allows producers to begin the process of aggregating crop inputs in order to assess the financial health of their business. Since our ABS is web based there is no limitation of use for clients that conduct business in multiple locations. This product has been designed to be expanded upon as our client’s business grows.