Our Mission

"The Mission of Integrated GIS, Inc. is to assist clients in identifying, developing and integrating a Geographic Information System into their organization. This system will be designed to meet the organization's specific and unique requirements that will maximize utilization of spatial information to increase outputs and/or reduce inputs."

Our mission is to become the leading agricultural technology integration provider worldwide. For over a decade many market segments of the agricultural industry have been using technology to improve the efficiency of their business operations. Technology components such as computers, global positioning systems (GPS), global information systems (GIS) and databases have allowed for the collection of large amounts of data that resides in many departments within the client company. Until these data are converted into information the client has gained little with increased efficiency. Clients must know that working with Integrated GIS, Inc. is a more professional, less risky way to integrate and analyze this data than working completely in-house with their own personnel. Integrated GIS, Inc. maintains a financial balance, charging a moderate value for our services and delivering an even higher value to our clients.