Company Profile

There are companies involved in precision farming, collecting field data and applying crop input materials such as sprays and fertilizer for the agricultural industry. There are also companies that develop hardware and software products for growers and agribusinesses that are intended to make their operation more efficient. Further there are companies that create hardware and software products for the wholesale/retail, food processing and restaurant markets that are designed to monitor the agricultural products that are purchased from producers and sold to the consumer.

Integrated GIS, Inc. is a unique hybrid of the above mentioned companies with developed products and services that will satisfy the information requirements for all of the agricultural industry components, from the planted seed to the consumer’s plate.

Over the years we have perfected ability to collect with a high degree of accuracy, high resolution data in the field resulting in highly accurate information. We establish field data collection protocols in order to provide our clients with information that is correct. Our collection protocols are based on a decade of experience, and factor in the extremely difficult obstacles that must be over come such as:

  • Agricultural labor – Most of the personnel working in the field operating farm equipment do not have a formal technical education and they lack experience with computers, GPS receivers, and collection sensors. We provide training and technical support to operators to insure the information being collected is accurate.
  • Remote farm locations – Due to the remote locations of the farming operations, communication is very difficult. Operations many times are spread over counties or even states making coordination of the field data collection process a challenge.
  • Environmental conditions – Given that all of our data collection occur out of doors we have been able to overcome environmental obstacles such as rain, humidity and severe weather, extreme temperature changes, rough field terrain and dust, dirt and mud. Computers and collection sensors are extremely sensitive and are subject to damage or mis-calibration under this difficult environmental condition.