Company History

Integrated GIS, Inc. is located in Wellington, Florida was founded by Scott L. Peterich in 1999 for the purpose of assisting agricultural companies with the integration of technology into their business. The primary business of IGIS from 1999-2002 was that of "Precision Farming" consulting for large agricultural companies in Florida. The agricultural industry was exploring the possible benefits of developing a precision farming program that utilized GPS technology. We provided consulting services to citrus, vegetable and agricultural chemical industries in Florida. Consulting services to these clients included the collection of field data on over 75,000 acres. Data collected included DGPS field boundaries, and for some clients the collection of soil conductivity data for the purpose of determining soil management zones. We also trained selected client personnel in the use of mapping and spatial software (ArcView) for viewing the data.

Beginning in 2003 to the present we have concentrated on spatial software development with ESRI™ ArcGIS Server™ and database development with Microsoft SQL Server. The created products are utilized to integrate our client’s data in order for them to make informed financial and business decisions. All development work is done remotely from various locations throughout the United States. Our objective was to create and grow a Web based company that can utilize the intellectual talent of individuals around the world while creating low cost, high value technology products for our agribusiness market segment.